Affordable Universities: Graduating Debt-Free From a 4 Year University

Affordable universities allow you to graduate from university or college debt-free. Call it college. Or, call it university. In either case, It’s that next level of education after graduating from high school.

In days gone by, there was some degree of choice about whether or not to attend college; for instance, one could make a good living at a blue collar job, such as in a manufacturing plant. Those were the days in which blue-collar jobs were plentiful, on-the-job training was given, and career-advancement from within the organization was the norm. There was no need for university – much less a need to find affordable universities. College was unnecessary to be employed as a blue-collar worker, usually as a manual laborer, a job which provided great working conditions, excellent pay, and wonderful benefits.

Today, however, blue-collar jobs have been shipped overseas, unemployment is high, and high schools struggle to produce minimally-educated graduates. As such, potential employers are frequently requiring job applicants to have some advanced education as a criteria for employment. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • White-collar (professional) jobs rely more on intellectual skills, rather than on manual labor
  • Employers can screen out the least-qualified applicants, usually the ones with less education
  • With little on-the-job training anymore, employers are looking for applicants who are already prepared
  • Employers no longer have confidence that a high school diploma guarantees a prepared candidate

This means that there are more high school graduates entering colleges and universities. It means that there are more students grappling with the high cost of higher education. It means that there are more students attempting to find ways to finance their education. And, this means that more students are obtaining student loans.

Unfortunately, the laws have changed regarding student loans. Due to the number of students who received their education, and then defaulted on their loans, it is no longer possible to discharge your student debt through bankruptcy or insolvency. Your loan debt will follow you for the rest of your life. In fact, there are elderly folks who, today, are having their Social Security checks garnished in order to pay off old student loans.

With the high unemployment rate, which gives people less money for college… and the awful prospect of taking out student loans, which creates potential life-long debt… the answer is to attend affordable universities.

Affordable universities can fall into several categories. Those that:

  1. Are highly discounted colleges and universities (even completely free)
  2. Accept and/or give grants and scholarships to fund your education (money never has to be paid back)
  3. Are English-speaking overseas universities (at a fraction of the cost)

University can be made affordable:

  1. When you generate passive income (money comes in automatically, so you can focus on your studies)
  2. Learn how to do “everything-for-less” to free up money for your studies (never have to take out loans!)
  3. When you design your own fully-accredited homeschooling program (for college, that is)

You can graduate from a 4-year university DEBT-FREE… perhaps even TOTALLY FREE. You don’t have to be a statistic. You don’t have to become a student who takes on $100,000’s in debt and then becomes forever an indentured servant to the bank.

Consider affordable universities in your quest for higher education. Stay debt-free.

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