Balancing Spirituality and Science

There lies within man an innate feeling to know the truth about the meaning of life, sometimes man may feel a vast emptiness, but when that feeling can be brought face to face with the truth of his own spirituality, then no longer is he frustrated and empty, but full of hope, faith and love. If we are filled with this emptiness, then is no reason for existence, since this life has no meaning, man sees no future, he is not really a person, but just a victim of self-extension. We are not physical being having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual being having a physical experience.

The incomprehensible distance in space and order of all the planets and stars, does indeed testifies that God does exist. If we could travel at the speed of light, 186,000 per second, we pass our moon in about one second, as we head into outer space we may pass Pluto in about six hours, Our journey to Alpha Centauri would take us four and half years, continuing into space we may journey to a distance sun, that science in its wisdom has called it Aldebran, this journey would take 553 years, still traveling at the speed of light.

But there can be a balance between science and spirituality, the well trained mind of a scientist, if not misdirected by tamping influences of untruths and deceptions, will if given time sift through words of error and in doing this, he must come face to face with this eternal truth. According to his own science and the big bang theory, when all the elements were torn from the sun and thrown into every corner of our universe, from chaos has come a balance so perfect that it has not varied in a billion years.

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