Connect With the Other Side on Haunted Weekends

Haunted weekends hosted by mediums are an emerging trend in the UK. There are a lot of “hot” spots where paranormal events and ghost sightings have been reported. If you’re interested, you can plan to attend guided haunted weekends so you can maximise the potential for a real experience.

Want to sleep in a haunted castle or a haunted hotel? Like to camp and want to camp in an area known for ghostly legends? It can all be arranged — with expert guides there to help you maximise your encounter.

Whether you want to go as a couple or as a group event, there are companies who specialise in helping others investigate paranormal activity. Real equipment, cameras, and knowledgeable experts can help you investigate an area and see if you can make any sort of connection with those on the “other side”.

Some people see ghosts, others successfully use detection equipment, some hear things. Some just find the history and the prospect of the possibility of the unexpected exciting enough to make this a past time.

Paranormal event companies will often host haunted weekends or one-night events in areas that are known for their suspicious activity and / or legends. Some will even film for television when they have tour groups visiting.

Whether you’re interested in attending a real seance, glass divination, table tipping, or using detection equipment, here are some tips:

  • These events are not for kids. Most companies won’t permit anyone under 18 to attend.
  • If you become extremely frightened during a weekend, tell someone. The company you arrange the weekend with will be experienced in helping to remove you from a situation if you start to experience anxiety.
  • Most people can attend these without problems. However, if you believe your medical status would make this a dangerous situation for you, talk to your doctor before attending and tell your group guide or medium about your situation.
  • Don’t arrange an event on your own. Get help with a paranormal events company who can make the event fun and eventful
  • There are no guarantees that you’ll see paranormal activity. A company who makes this guarantee to you probably isn’t in the business of helping people experience authentic paranormal events.
  • Ask others who’ve attended haunted weekends about their experience so you can acquire info to help you to plan a great weekend of your own.
  • Be prepared. Bring your camera, bring items to help you be comfortable, particularly if you’re staying for an entire haunted weekend event, and most of all… have fun!

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