Dangers of the Ghost Hunting

So you think about becoming a ghost hunter, like those guys in TV, right? Hold on that thought for a moment, friend, because TV shows do not really discuss the dangers that every paranormal investigator faces with each case. This article is meant to present you some facts before you’ll decide to become an investigator yourself, as there are many dangers you might face.

And honestly I’m not really talking about some entities that might attack you. I’m talking about very physical dangers. For example you might be called for a case that isn’t really paranormal in nature, but it is the witness of the supernatural activity that is suffering from some serious mental illness. There is a possibility you will be attacked by such person. Or you might walk into abandoned building that is supposed to be haunted, and inside you might be attacked by some thugs, drug addicts, homeless people etc. Or maybe some thieves have prepared a trap for you, because they know as a paranormal investigator you will carry some expensive equipment with you?

Not mentioning some other things, very popular in older buildings, like rotten wooden floor that might break under your body. And while spending your time on private property, you might be arrested by police, or attacked by wild animals when investigating almost anything.

Finally, imagine that you might encounter some very aggressive poltergeist activity, or a neg or even a demon capable of throwing you down the staircase. How to exorcise a demon? How to deal with negs? There are entities we’re facing that are very powerful and capable of many things. You should not refuse usage of some amulets and protective rituals your friendly psychic might advice.

How to deal with all the dangers you might face? There is a rule of rules – never walk alone. If you’re going to investigate something, take someone with you. And if you’re a member of some ghost hunting team, be sure to work in pairs – never go for a patrol alone, always take someone with you. This might not save you from being attacked or getting yourself hurt, but it adds an element of additional support to your investigation.

As you can see from this article – hunting ghosts isn’t as safe and user-friendly as it might look in all these TV shows, so keep this in mind before going for any paranormal investigation yourself.