Decode Female Psychology – How To Guess What’s On Her Mind

Is female psychology a mystery to you? Are you interested in understanding the games they play and why? Do you wish you knew how the female mind worked? If you just want to decode female psychology so you can better interpret her meanings, I’m here to help.

It is often said that men and women come from two different places, Mars and Venus, the land and the sea, the earth and the moon, whichever you prefer, most agree that the two sexes are very different in just about every way. Some of the major differences, aside from the obvious physical ones, include actions, words, and reasoning. Women tend to be more emotional and can take even small things very personal.

Style, flirtation, and games

When she wears sexy clothes she really wants you to check her out and make comments but has to pretend she doesn’t. I like to call this a ‘no win situation.’ If you don’t look or say anything she will be genuinely upset and if you do she gets upset too.

The comments make her feel good about herself and let her know you think she’s hot but she can’t let on that she appreciates it or she will seem conceited. The way to handle this situation is to definitely take notice, at least the anger she displays is only for show. The latter has far longer lasting repercussions.

Flirting can have the same affect. Go ahead and flirt with her whether she reciprocates or not, I promise she really does appreciate it. One of the oldest and best tricks in a woman’s arsenal is playing hard to get.

And most men will admit a little chase is always fun. She needs to feel like she’s in control so men are typically always the ones to approach women.

Keeping you at arm’s length

Another move women tend to make to show they’re in charge is dictating when and what you do. No in a straight-forward way but in a more subtle and cunning way. Things like breaking dates at the last minute and taking an extra hour to get ready just so you have to wait are all things women do to keep in control of the relationship.

Flirting with other men is another way women feel like they are making sure you know exactly what you’ve got. Just play along and show some appreciation and even a little jealousy from time to time, it will go a long way to keeping her happy.

I know this may all seem a little silly to you but, again, I reiterate, men and women are VERY different. What makes her happy may not even seem sane to you but it’s just the way it is.

If you want, or need, to learn more about how to approach women and decipher what they are actually saying, I have just the thing.

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