Distance Learning Doctoral Programs

In the not to distant past the idea of earning any sort of college degree anywhere but on a college campus was looked down upon. Distance learning programs have been around for quite some time but until recently they just didn’t carry the same weight as a traditionally earned degree. As technology has advanced distance learning doctoral programs have grown in both popularity and acceptance as a viable way to continue ones education.

Back before Al Gore “invented the internet” these type of classes were called correspondence courses that were mainly limited to secretarial courses, medical support roles, and technical subjects. Not anymore, today anyone with a computer and internet connection can take accredited classes from recognized universities and earn that PhD they might not have otherwise attempted to get. Today everyone from nurses to businessmen to teachers are continuing their education and advancing their careers through the internet.

It’s pretty easy to see the advantages of getting a PhD degree using a distance learning program. Not having to attend classes, studying around your schedule, and being able to take extra time with certain subjects and assignments. This is particularly advantageous for people who must work and have family obligations. Taking the time to drive to and from campus and spend time in classes just isn’t in the cards for many people whose lives are filled with other responsibilities. Add in the fact that most on campus programs don’t offer night or weekend classes and it’s easy to see how these types of programs are becoming so popular.

A question many people have is does a distance learning doctoral degree carry the same weight as a degree earned attending a PhD program on campus. Many people seem to want to discredit these online continuing education programs but the fact is that as long as the program one plans to attend is accredited there is no difference between the two types of programs. In fact many well known “brick and mortar” universities and colleges are offering online programs in order to compete for potential students who are interested in advancing their education.

One thing to think about when considering an online education program is what kind of student or learner one is. These types of programs work best for independent learners who have the motivation and skills to do the required assignments and class work without a lot of outside guidance. This doesn’t mean there isn’t help available from professors and advisors but it’s not in a face to face environment. There is a big difference between being on campus and attending classes on the internet. Just something to think about when considering all the options available.

The opportunities to attend a distance learning doctoral program are growing every year as more and more colleges and universities offer online education programs. There really is no better time then now to advance ones education and career choices. These programs give people who might not have thought about continuing their education the opportunity to do so.