Forget Another Love Calculator – Find Out What Women Really Want

Looking for another love calculator to tell you which woman is right for you? You may want a computerized test to help you find the woman of your dreams. Trouble is, those tests don’t tell you what you need to know – they tell you what you want to know. Instead, what you need is some sound advice on how to calculate your way into your next successful relationship.

Truth is, if you want to line yourself up with the right woman for the long term, you need to get in touch with what women are really looking for. With a little help from evolutionary biology, you can gain key insights into what she really wants.

So, here are 5 tips about what women really want:

1. Stop listening to what women say they want:

The first piece of advice I have is to stop paying attention to what women say they want. Instead, put on your common sense cap and start paying attention to what they show that they really want (and need).

For example, most women will tell you that they want a man who is funny, nice and attractive. While these are in most cases not lies, these types of statements do not depict what is really going on inside the minds of most women. To understand the reason for this, we need to peer into the subconscious of women.

2. Women are motivated by their biology:

After all, from a biological perspective, women and men of course hook up sexually in order to create another generation of the species. While many women are actively trying to avoid getting pregnant when looking for a new relationship, at some level, a part of their brains is looking at a man through the filter of whether he would make a good father.

3. Women want a man to be able to provide for her and her children:

Of course, most woman want to completely avoid dating a complete jerk or someone who is exceedingly unattractive. But, the bottom line for a woman is that she wants to choose a man whom she feels can provide the things that her future children will need (even if she thinks she doesn’t want children). The take-away here is that woman are attracted to men who appear to be confident enough to successfully make their way in the world. Remember, a woman only has a limited number of opportunities to get pregnant throughout her life (maybe 300 or 400, if she is lucky). So, she is looking for a man who can provide for the long run.

4. Women are looking for a man who is generous:

The ability to make money alone is not enough, however. In order to stay interested, a woman also wants to know that the man she is with is generous with what he has. That is why women are so impressed with gifts like jewelry. This may also be why something like an engagement ring is such a big deal. When you ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, you give her not only a ring, but also a valuable symbol of your commitment to support, care for and protect her.

5. Strength is a turn-on:

In terms of human evolution, the days of using violence, brute force and muscle to get what one wants are over for most modern humans. And yet, woman are still hardwired to remain attractive to men who are well-built and powerful. That is why, even when a relatively nerdy man might make more money than another man who is a stud, the stud may win out in some cases just because of the feeling of security and strength he gives to the women around him.

You can leverage these finer points about how our own biological evolution plays into how we men attract women to become better equipped to get the woman you want. Instead of looking for another love calculator, find out how to leverage your own evolutionary gifts (whatever they may be) to get the woman of your dreams.

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