Future of the Human Brain Computer Interface System

Recently, I was having an interesting conversation with Josh Balaban, an up and coming intellectual out there in California, he noted that “as one philosopher said, “We know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about our own mind.” Well, I suppose whenever that “philosopher” said that, he was probably right, of course, today, I doubt he would be, however his point is well taken, we have one heck of a lot to learn that’s for sure.

Indeed, I’d say we’ve learned quite a bit more about the dark side of the moon, along with the Chinese who have sent space probes to measure the lunar surface and check for its consistency, make up, and any potential raw materials. Likewise, we’ve learned a lot more about the human brain in the last five years, although we are learning at an exponential pace, we are quite a bit further ahead than most people realize.

This is a very good thing, and I imagine soon we will be able to download someone’s brain for backup in case they get a degenerative disease, if so, we will be able to fix that problem, and upload their brain back again. Also, once we are able to decode the brain’s signals and convert those into ones and zeros we can have a full interface between the human organic brain and computers. Can you even imagine the ability to download an entire life, all thoughts, memories, and simultaneously upload a PhD on every subject known to mankind.

Can you imagine being connected to the Internet literally, having all the world’s information in your brain, you wouldn’t have to type anything into Google, you would have Google on the brain – ask a question and immediately have the answer as if it was in memory. That’s what we are talking about in the future, and by 2030 I suppose we will have a rudimentary type device which will allow for at least some of that. Yes, in theory it is possible, and there are enough geniuses and visionaries currently working in neuroscience to make that a future potential eventuality and reality for humankind.

No more issues with forgetful memories, no more college will be needed, and one’s reasoning and thinking abilities will be connected to artificially intelligent fact checkers, and decision-making assistance. That’s what the future holds in store, the question is; is mankind ready for that reality? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, but don’t wait too long otherwise a computer will do that thinking for you.

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