Having Trouble Astral Traveling – New Astral Technology to the Ethereal Rescue

People have been astral traveling throughout recorded history. The practice of ethereal adventuring is generally accomplished through intense meditation and astral travelers have most often been mystics or religious people. Astral travel is not an extremely difficult discipline but actually getting started can be a challenge.

Do you want to have astral experiences but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve tried to make an ethereal journey but something prevented you from actually doing it? Well, no worries! Mind-expanding technology can help you bounce the trampoline to your first of many extra-dimensional adventures.

I’ll tell you right off the start that I do not personally provide an astral travel program — yet. I should produce one though because none of the ones currently on the market are quite up to doing it all by themselves. But let me cover each type to explain the benefits and the drawbacks of the available paranormal enabling technologies.

Astral Travel Hypnosis – I know of several astral travel hypnosis packages and of course there are numerous programs to give a potential astral traveler the means to produce self-hypnosis to take them into the astral plane. Unfortunately, not many hypnotists are conversant enough in the paranormal to talk an astral traveler out of his or her body. And before producing your own self-hypnosis script for astral travel, you would have to learn an awful lot about the ins and outs. But even then, could you believe in yourself enough to cross over the line into the non-physical beyond?

Subliminal MP3’s for Astral Travel – One of the worst stumbling blocks in the way of many people and their out-of-body travel aspirations are their own doubts and negative views. The eternal spirit will not leave the physical body unless the belief in the possibility is strong. To use a religious phrase, astral traveling requires a ‘leap of faith’. This is where the subliminal MP3’s can really help out. Subliminal messages to support the paranormal activity are inserted into the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, the subliminal method then often stumbles on actually delivering the final ‘strong shove’ that sends the spirit on its ethereal way.

Binaural Beats Technology for Astral Travelers – Basically, binaural music creates resonance within the brain that sets it to a sine frequency that is conducive to metaphysical events. Alone though, the binaural beat programs fall slightly short because that technology puts the brain into the optimum altered state BUT the modern person’s mind is conditioned to reject concepts that aren’t of the norm and officially sanctioned, so even though they are all suited up to take the inter-reality shift, they can’t make the bungee jump.

(Oh! I like that analogy! Astral travel is somewhat akin to a bungee jump as your spirit flies off into extra-dimensional space with your ethereal cord safely tying you to your physical body – and wow! What a rush!)

Anyways, if I were creating my own ‘kick-ass’ metaphysical package deal, I would combine binaural beats AND subliminal messages in the same recording. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any combined and simultaneous system that I could point you to.

But let me skip back to the hypnotism method of evoking astral travel for a moment. To have the maximum effectiveness, the hypnotist has to strongly identify with both the subject and the topic. I only know of one practicing hypnotist who has actual experience in ethereal space: that is myself. (However, I haven’t done an exhaustive search for others). So perhaps the hypnotism method could work for an especially suggestive person, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it doing the trick for most people. Yet I did suggest in the title of this article that technology was a ticket to the exquisite joy of astral traveling. So I’ll wrap this article up on a positive note.

For the best technological springboard to extra-dimensional travel that is currently available, you should try both the subliminal MP3 route and the binaural music. Listen to the subliminal messages first. These will seek to counteract the blockage of doubt that is keeping your spirit shackled in the prime-material plane. After the subliminal recordings have inserted positive thoughts in your mind, then you use the binaural music to position you on the ethereal travel runway. Then you should be ready to board your astral plane and jet away to the amazing extra-dimensional realms.

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