Here’s How to Build Self Esteem to Astronomical Heights!

Having low self-esteem isn’t just an annoyance…it can actually ruin lives.

Think about it this way: low self-esteem can cause you to miss out on the life that you’re meant to live. Low self-esteem can prevent you from chatting up that beautiful girl at the bar…it can stop you from gunning after that promotion at work…it can even stop you from losing weight or taking up new hobbies, simply because you just don’t believe that you’re worth it.

Self-esteem is often defined as having a positive attitude about yourself and the role that you play in the world around you. People with high self-esteem also have a strong sense of their abilities, feel in control of their lives and believe that they are capable of achieving their dreams. Considering all the positive benefits of having high self-esteem, it’s unfortunate that having low self-esteem seems to be such a common affliction these days. Between our busy lifestyles and constant pressure to perform well in our careers and within our social circles, it’s no wonder that many of us can be consumed by worry about how we look, speak and act in public.

Have you ever clammed up in the middle of a board meeting, even though you knew that your comment or idea could very well be the best thing to happen to your company since the invention of the Internet? Have you ever found yourself looking down while walking through the busy streets, thinking to yourself: “Don’t trip, because everyone will look and laugh at you?” And, on a more serious note, have you ever had one too many drinks simply to feel more confident about the way you look and feel?

Yes, having low self-esteem can prevent you from leading the life that you were meant to live – a life that’s stuffed to the brim with social freedom, worry-free thoughts and confident interactions with the people in your life. If you’re petrified of what people think of you, then it’s time to grab your destiny with your own hands and learn how to build self-esteem.

And I’m not talking about merely learning how to build self-esteem – I’m talking about skyrocketing your feelings of confidence, assurance and freedom right through the atmosphere!

STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Before you can learn how to build self-esteem, you need to start laying the foundations for your newfound sense of social freedom by recognizing that everyone feels bad about themselves once in awhile. Therefore, stop being your own worst critic, because no one else is thinking about you as harshly as you are! Let’s look at that example of walking down the street: notice how you’re so focused on you? Guess what: everyone else is focused on themselves too. Once you recognize that people are more focused on themselves than any “mistakes” or “flaws” that you may have, you’ll take that important step in learning how to build self-esteem.

FIND THINGS THAT YOU’RE GOOD AT. Everyone has a talent that they’re good at – and no protesting here, because you’re certainly good at something! Whether you can write a beautiful poem or make an invaluable member of your office team, it’s important to recognize and encourage your talents to grow. In fact, recruit a friend and have him/her tell you exactly what makes you special. Do you have a great singing voice? Are you a caring person who gives out great advice? Try signing up with a community choir, or volunteer at a local shelter, where your talents will be recognized, appreciated and deemed as extremely valuable.

GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR HEAD. Experts agree that people with low self-esteem are too inwardly focused. However, instead of being introspective, people with low self-esteem merely focus on their own faults and flaws. Guess what: if you want to learn how to build self-esteem, it’s time to get outside of your head! Volunteering represents a great opportunity to not only build a set of skills, but to build the kind of self-confidence that makes you feel in control of your life. As a volunteer, you’ll represent an invaluable member of a community – and health experts agree that high self-esteem begins with feeling like a valued member of a community, be it with your family, friends or coworkers.