Looking for the Academic Analogue to ‘Thank You for Your Servitude’

Cover of Thank You for Your Servitude by Mark LeibovichThank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Cost of Submission by Mark Leibovich.

Posted in July 2022

Atlantic staff writer (and former New York Moments reporter) Mark Leibovich appreciates practically none of us want to squander any much more electricity or time considering about the Trump presidency. It would be difficult to believe of one more market in which less Trump supporters do the job than increased education.

For a fast aside, I googled “most liberal industries,” and the 2nd outcome arrived back again a 2014 Slate write-up titled “Which Industries Are the Most Liberal and Most Conservative?” That short article reprints a graphic from a 2013 paper posted in the American Journal of Political Science that displays how industries lean ideologically based on designs of political contributions. The takeaway for us is that academia (no shock) will come out the most liberal.

Graphic from the 2013 paper showing academia and entertainment lean liberal, while agriculture and oil, gas and coal are the most conservative industries.

Why, then, must those of us in increased ed who have almost definitely built up our minds about the Trump presidency read through a different book about the Trump presidency? You need to know anything about Mark Leibovich’s creating to response that problem.

Readers of his former textbooks know that Leibovich is a) über–plugged in and b) super-funny. These two attributes serve the reader of Thank You for Your Servitude perfectly. What Leibovich is just after is not an physical exercise in original reporting. In its place, Thank You for Your Servitude is about the politicians who enabled the worst elements of Trump’s behaviors, procedures and steps. Leibovich achieved this objective by producing these around Trump search not sinister but ridiculous.

Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy are main between the pitiful and tragicomic characters who solid their lot with Trump. In their endeavours to continue being “relevant,” equally politicians abandoned first their values and then any assert to decency. In contrast to the bulk of the Republican Celebration, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and the late John McCain arrive off as (complex and flawed) heroes.

A few a long time in the past, I wrote about Julie Schumacher’s satirical academic novel, The Shakespeare Requirement. In that evaluation, I questioned, “Why do we love academia so a lot that we are eager to make exciting of ourselves?” My answer was “I’d say that it is a gift to choose our do the job seriously, but ourselves not so a lot.”

I’d also say that humor is generally the ideal way to recognize anything. We love funny guides about academia like MOO, Pricey Committee Member, Straight Gentleman and Marvel Boys due to the fact they allow us to explore our earth in a way that nonfiction accounts do not.

Thank You for Your Servitude is nonfiction. And hilarious. Leibovich exhibits that it is probable to produce about an celebration as horrifying as the Trump presidency and make it amusing.

Where are the funny nonfiction publications about better ed? Why have novelists cornered the sector on humorous publications about academia? Do we have any illustrations of nonfiction books about schools and universities that are probable to trigger us to embarrassingly chortle out loud though listening to the audiobook version while going for walks across campus?

Thank You for Your Servitude was the political reserve I wanted at this moment.

I’m on the lookout for its nonfiction analogue established not in the swamp of politics but in the halls of academia. Can you offer you any solutions?

What are you studying?

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