Making Sense Of Male Psychology – How Men Fall In Love

Are you scratching your head trying to make sense of male psychology? Do you seem to understand everyone who is important in your life except the man you are involved with? Are you frustrated with the fact that you work so hard on your relationship but never seem to get much out of it? Well if you feel that way, you’re in good company because there are many women who have a lot of trouble trying to make sense of male psychology.

Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus

One of the reasons that this is so challenging is because of how men view relationships and the fact that it’s so different from how women do. There have been lots of books written about this very issue and if you read enough of them you’d see that trying to make sense of male psychology boils down to the simple fact that men are a whole lot different from women.

And because of that, the way they deal with situations and interact with other people including the women they love, is different from the way a woman would. If you can get your head around that fact and accept that that’s just the way it is, your level of frustration will decrease. And then maybe you can even learn to accept these differences and use them to make your relationship better.

Men like excitement and action. They feel more comfortable when they are doers which make them naturally take on the role of the decision maker and leader in a relationship.

What Men Expect From You

To keep a relationship on an even keel, the smart woman will accept this about her man and work around it. Instead of insisting, quietly guide him to come around to your way of thinking. He really doesn’t always want his own way but because he’s competitive, he doesn’t want to just give in to you either.

Your relationship will flourish if you can keep things interesting. So don’t let things become too predictable. Instead be spontaneous and open to the fun and unique parts of life. Tease him and flirt with him and be generous with compliments. You’ll get so much more out of your man if he feels loved and appreciated. Let him know how much you need and depend on him so he feels like a real man in your eyes.

Men are basically “what you see is what you get” kind of people, so if you want to deliver a message to a man, be clear and direct. In other words tell him exactly what you mean so he’s not forced to guess and so that you’re not disappointed when he can’t read your mind.

Trying to make sense of male psychology can be a real challenge and it will probably be a work in progress for as long as you’re together. If you need help figuring out how men view relationships, you’ve arrived at the right place.