Physical Changes That Could Indicate an Individual Is Possessed by a Demon

Becoming a ghost hunter means that you must learn how to pinpoint the physical changes that could indicate an individual is possessed by a demon. Out of all the spiritual entities that you are likely to experience as a paranormal investigator, the demonic entity is one of the most terrifying. When a demon is powerful enough to possess a human, it is even more terrifying. Ghost investigators typically research places that are believed to be haunted, but there are some instances when you will be required to investigate a person that is believed to be haunted. If that person is experiencing demonic possession, you will need to be able to identify the physical changes that they may exhibit in order to refer them to a specialist that will be able to help.

When dealing with people that are experiencing what appears to be demonic possession, you will find that many of the symptoms that they exhibit reflect modern day psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, depression, paranoia, and even bipolar disorder. As a matter of fact, medical professionals and religious leaders from ancient times would often tag someone who exhibited the signs of mental illness as being possessed or overtaken by evil. While it is true that many who seem to be possessed actually have a psychiatric condition, it is often challenging to distinguish those that also exhibit the physical signs as being mentally ill. The following represents some of the physical symptoms that may be experienced by a person that is being controlled by a physical entity:

– Many individuals that are being controlled by a demon may start to speak in an unusual manner. Many may refer to this as “speaking in tongues”. However, there are some people that have been known to speak in languages that they would have no idea of prior to the possession.

– Many may begin to exhibit an extremely high level of strength while others may exhibit an extreme level of weakness.

– You may find that the eyes become extremely dark. Many describe the eyes of those that are possessed as being all black or resembling the eyes that a shark has. Many people that experience changes with their eyes may also go for really long periods of time without blinking – not even once.

– Many people that are controlled by a demon may exhibit behavior that is similar to those in a catatonic state. This is a symptom that is normally experienced by those that have a psychiatric condition as well. It is important to seek help immediately if this symptom is experienced in order to rule out any physiological or psychological cause.

– Many individuals may start to develop bruises, cuts, welts, and other unusual markings on their body.

– The basic features of the body may change. You may start to notice that the person is losing weight rapidly, their skin becomes pale, they have dark circles under their eyes, and they appear quite distant.

When you go through the process of becoming a ghost hunter, you should make sure to print this guide out and keep it on your person at all times. It is also important that you learn the psychological changes associated with demonic possession as well. It is common for a ghost investigator to run into field investigations that are believed to be caused by demonic entities. By learning the physical signs of this type of haunting, it will be easy to protect yourself and your team and refer the sufferer to an appropriate professional that can assist in forcing the demon out of the body.

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