Psychic Seduction

The rich traditions of energy fields in the psychic powers of seduction is held in the aura as luminous emissions composed of different colors. Most of these colors correspond to the colors of the visible light spectrum of which we experience an emotional response. Social psychologists reveal that red is associated with sexual attractions. Even older people both male and female associate the color red with love, warmth, and passion.

When you find yourself noticing someone with thoughts of sexual attraction that you normally would not give a second glance, it may not actually be your original idea but are thoughts directed to you from that person.

Frequencies of colors and thought in the state of alpha is the most powerful psychic seductions of influence. While in this state of concentration they create imagery of an erotic touch that draws you to them. The longer this energy is transmitted the greater the effects. Some people report sensations of heat on specific areas of arousal. You will notice the person and be attracted to the person as though it is from your own mind.

Seductive psychic powers are overwhelming and such occurrences happen quite frequently. We often note the event, thinking it odd, and then go about our business. Subconsciously we are gravitating to that particular individual and at times we tend to repeatedly see or speak to them within brief times of our day, week, or month. One way or another we somehow come together either on the phone, online, or physically passing one and other. The magnetic pull is powerful.

The challenge is to identify that the attraction is coming from outside of yourself. There is a defensive posture most of us take toward such odd sexual attractions. In a reflex reaction to the event, we immediately take a conscious look at the appropriateness of our own sexual energy that we project outward. Thankfully our intuitions never let us down in this respect. When we pay attention to the energy flow of the attraction we can then discern whom to open ourselves up to and whom we should stay away from.

Relating to the psychic seduction in our religious beliefs is equally as challenging as the seduction itself. Yet I think, in most cases the mystery brings us face-to-face with the deeper spiritual perceptions of our life. Is there a divine connection or purpose to what we just experienced? From a spiritual point of view, it brought us to our faith.

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