Telepathic-Channeled Information Received While Subconsciously Joined With Autistic Friends

Have you ever experience telepathy? The following explanation of this evolutionary form of telepathy, I received, as I merged consciousness with some of my friends with severe autism. Enjoy!

Shared knowledge or telepathic blending of energy is a joining of minds, a linking of souls, a partnership of blended energy particles. It demands a shared vocabulary and an open awareness that the mind is separate from the body. The mind or soul exists before conception and after death and depends on the body for language based expression.

Shared consciousness originates in the subconscious rather than the conscious mind, which increases the scope, breadth, and depth of the information. It is a sensory perception, not dependent on words. This inclination of mind above matter creates a unifying cohesiveness, magically, magnetically, and exponentially resistant to external chaos. Mutual consent, trust and expectancy, are necessary for “subconscious communion” to happen. It is a heartfelt connection that makes telepathic communication automatic.

The participants involved merge. Together they send, receive and interpret the data and respond to it. When listening or receiving information from higher thought forms, interference can occur causing distortion as the person most connected to his conscious mind can unwittingly and unknowingly become dominant. Know when to lead, and when to follow. It takes a tremendous amount of trust and practice. Focused intent, calm internal demeanor, and mutual focus help the flow to continue uninterrupted by outside forces. Balance created by a “united field” of thought particles searches and clings for words for expression.

One must be cautious not to look it as an exact science. Mind to mind subconscious information is in its infancy. People currently communicate through their conscious language dependent mind, not their subconscious. There is no turning back for explorers of evolutionary communication that have experienced the process. Non-verbal souls, often diagnosed with severe autism, retain this connection to higher realms. They have a difficult time containing their expansive understanding to the constraints but on them by linear reality. Words have a limiting effect on understanding concepts.

Using facilitated communication, a non-verbal person with autism typed the following to further explain the process:

“Universal principles dance together to form a sequence of atomic particles into meaningful structure for expression. I dance with you and join. We make a different arrangement of words to orchestrate and inspire. Our symphony will be unique sound of persistence of spirit to break through barriers between dimensions. Hope we continue to move forward and share our wondrous teachings dearest to my heart.”

What have I learned as a facilitator of this process?

I know how strongly the kids can read my mind, and type word for word if I dictate. I know they often, appear dependent on my vocabulary and knowledge base. I know my bias can bleed through, so I always share authorship and responsibility. I know some can tap into higher dimensions and alternate realities. I know some have inter-dimensional capabilities above and beyond mere telepathy. I continue to admit, although improving; I still have difficulty discerning “conscious ego communications” from those that come more from my “subconscious” the “subconscious of the typist” or higher thought forms. I speculate that it is blending of thought forms as a resonance develops similar to two tuning forks. As the saying goes, you can’t work on a problem, unless you admit it exists. I acknowledge that I have a very limited understanding of this mind- boggling process.

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