The Democrats Want To Blame Donald Trump For The Oroville Dam Crisis – Wow

The Governor of California and the left is going to blame Global Warming and the Republicans for one of the biggest dam breaches in US history, that is if that dam break comes to fruition, but please do not be so na├»ve to listen. Beware of those who point fingers and try pointing a few back at them or hand them their mirrors. Let’s talk about the Oroville California dam crisis, it’s a major news story indeed.

YouTube Video titled: “Oroville Dam Crisis Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Legacy 2003-2011 Worst Governor of California,” on the Trump Lies Channel.

Now then, let’s take the title of this video is busy trashing Arnold Schwarzenegger, first, that’s just nonsense, as the “Governator” Arnold tried to get the California legislature to put in mandatory repairs for levees and dams nearly a decade ago, but the democrats in the California Legislature at the time said no to that proposed budget and diverted money to BS social programs. Thus, blaming Schwarzenegger is a bunch of baloney.

In the video description it goes on to blame the Trump Administration, now that is silly. Apparently, the Governor of California requested that the Trump Administration give CA $165 Million to repair the dam emergency overflow spillway, and the left insists since Trump did not send the money right away, it’s his fault – ridiculous, as California can do this on their own and get reimbursed later. Yes, the left is playing the blame game.

Still, maybe the current CA governor, Jerry Brown, should blame himself and also blame Obama’s fake (cow pie) shovel ready job infrastructure waste for not fixing this when he they both had a full democrat legislature, they could have gotten things done, this is really a major screw up of epic proportions. The road to hell is always paved by socialist claims of great intentions, but they should have use the Great Intentions Paving Co. LLC to pave the emergency spillway overflow channel route to the river below.

Disaster don’t just happen, generally the warning signs were always there, and yet a comedy of errors provided the last few nails in the coffin that eventually buried the event to the annals of history. Beware when politicians start blaming one-another, and the media jumps on that band-wagon. Fake News won’t change the truth, it only enforces a manufactured narrative for politicians and their weak-minded followers. Yes, leftist voters, I am speaking directly to you, and your so-called leaders.

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