The Mathematics Of Beauty – Why Some Women Receive More Emails Than Others

There are folks that are studying the mathematics of beauty. What draws men and women to each other? Conversely, what may men and women be doing to make themselves less attractive? How do you overcome beauty flaws?

A study was undertaken to see if a women’s beauty rating could correlate with the number of email responses received from men. The study used a standard beauty rating scale that gave women of comparable visible beauty similar scores. Although these women had similar scores, the email contacts from men were quite different. Some women were inundated with email contacts while other women with the same beauty scores received very few messages from men.

The study referenced a hot scale. Based on men’s perceptions, hot women receive four times the messages as average-looking women. These same hot women received twenty-five times the messages as ugly woman.

The beauty ratings were based on a standardized test with ten as the top score. As the researchers studied the findings, they found that not all sevens on the scale were the same. For example, some women with a score of seven had a spread of numbers but the average was seven. Other women demonstrated a tight clustering around the seven rating with little variation in the range of the score. In other words, this latter group was consistently and almost uniformly receiving the same score. The average was seven with little variation.

When more men disliked the beauty of a woman, the woman would receive many more messages. If some men found a woman ugly while others found her beautiful, it worked in the woman’s favor. The more men disagreed over the beauty rating of a woman, the more messages that woman received. Women who were cute by common agreement were more apt to be ignored.

An explanation for these findings may be found in the mathematics of the beauty scale. Whenever there was a wide spread of beauty scores in a woman, some men at the top end were highly attracted to her and more apt to do something about it. They were inclined to contact her.

What about beautiful versus hot celebrities? The same phenomenon occurred. Movie stars who were universally accepted as being beautiful were recognized for their undeniable beauty. However, they were not necessarily perceived as being hot. The hot women received a broader range of beauty scores. The more the men disagreed about a stars beauty, the more they liked her and were willing to express themselves in this regard.

The study did show that men were able to distinguish cute women from hot women. Furthermore, the study suggests that rather than hiding your flaws such as being overweight or having a large nose etc., you should play these things up.

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