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For the most part, the growth in popularity of Online Degree Programs has resulted not so much from the standpoint of getting a degree as much as for purposes of continuing education and elevating one’s career status. Continuing your education online includes different types of training for various professions such as business, health care, technology, and so on. Personal enrichment programs are also offered through online education programs as well.

Typically, the courses that are offered online are classified (very broadly) into two categories. There are those that are designed for a specific certification or degree, and there are those that target a particular profession in order to improve and maintain one’s career goals. Continuing education online programs are similar to degree programs in that they also have some prerequisites, such as possessing the basic knowledge of computers and the internet. However, for the sake of earning a degree online, regardless of what level it is, the following have been listed as the top 10 online degree programs in the industry.

1) Accounting Programs – these programs prepare you to fill critical roles within the financial area of business and corporate environments.

2) Aviation Degree Courses – if you’re looking to achieve more than just a flying certificate, then flight training through an accredited online college or university is the path to pursue.

3) Business Degree Courses – this is a wide open field with a lot of specialized choices that you can choose from and is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a career in the world of Business.

4) Criminal Justice Courses – provides education and instruction in the current criminal justice-related arena where related issues, topics, and trends are concerned.

5) Hospitality and Food Service Management Degree – prepares you for a career in the industry, ensuring you have the correct confidence and skills.

6) Human Resource Management Degree programs – provides you with all the information and skills needed to cope with a variety of human resource tasks which will enable you to begin a career in this field.

7) MBA Degree programs – the wide variety of choices in this area offer up valuable qualifications without needing to disrupt your lifestyle or your current work schedule. Most of the online MBA degree programs offer facilities enabling you to communicate with other students online as well as getting tutorials from the experts.

8) Nursing Degree programsstudents in these different programs are trained to perform administrative as well as clinical tasks in outpatient settings under the direct supervision of licensed health care professionals.

9) Pharmacy Technician Degree programs – enables licensed pharmacists to provide healthcare products and medication to patients.

10) Teaching Degree programs – offers professional development opportunities for practicing K-12 teachers as well as qualifying the student to develop elementary and secondary level curriculum, and can lead to other career advancements.

(NOTE: Some of the degree programs listed here are very focused and specialized, while others offer a wide array of specialization capabilities.)

The ranking of the degree programs listed above comes from information provided by Career MXT.

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