UAV wih Tube Launched Expandable Wing

The United States Soldiers have a new useful tool in the battles space, one which allows them extended battlespace situational awareness. A bird’s eye view via robotic unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, which are launched by hand and fly around like a little remote control model aircraft taking pictures of the ground below and the enemy too. They are almost impossible to shoot down and many can fly for hours protecting our troops.

I propose a new model of the UAV. A micro-air vehicle commonly called an MAV, which can be deployed faster, quicker and reach it surveillance area immediately and efficiently. How about a UAV, which is the size of a hand thrown UAV but the wing is folded along the fuselage while being launched and is shot into the air. The forward momentum keeps its wing from clicking at a 90-degree angle until it slows down.

The Wing is attached to the fuselage with a center bolt and is aligned with the fuselage for firing into the air. It is shot out of a tank almost straight up as it arches slow down and return to earth the relative wind slows down and the spring loaded wing pops into place and then it has altitude, and can glide trickle charging the battery and using solar to keep the motor going.

Instant altitude and distance at the speed of a round, then use the same guidance system for the mortar rounds we now have to steer it to a single mission target and home in on enemy? If you have great ideas which can help our troops in Iraq then let’s hear them, as my brother is a US Marine and we need to be thinking here.