Use Reverse Psychology To Get Your Ex Back for Good!

You are probably shaking your head simply by reading the title of this article, but before you write it off on face value, let me explain the logic behind this wisdom. If you want to get your ex back, why not give reverse psychology a try? You’ve tried many different options to no avail, so read on to find out more about a highly effective, yet simple trick to get your ex back.

The basic idea behind reverse psychology is to exact in the exact opposite manner than what your ex expects of you. Chances are they are going to expect you to beg, plead, call incessantly, and do everything possible to beg your way back into their hearts – but you aren’t going to. You are going to do the exact opposite, you are going to act as if the breakup doesn’t even phase you, and this will certainly send your ex reeling.

This is why reverse psychology is so effective and has such amazing and impressive results. Without him or her ever knowing it, you are actually playing tricks on their mind and using their own assumptions as to your expected behavior against them. He or she has become accustomed to your reacting in a particular manner, when you don’t respond in the manner they expect, they will be thrown for a loop and left scratching their heads in wonder. It is difficult not to act without thinking, but it is important to be strong, if you are, you will see how successful reverse psychology really is.

Make no contact with your ex. You have to play things off as though you are not bothered by the breakup and that you have no problems moving on with your life. Even if you don’t feel this way, this is the impression you want to give your ex. You need to really play this up by going out with your friends and having a blast – taking care in your appearance so you always look your best. You might even mention to your friends that you need to take care in your appearance if you want to snag a new partner.

When words gets back to your ex about how much fun you are having, how good you look, and the fact that you seem to be moving on, they are going to be shocked speechless. Chances are, they’ll make every effort they can to get in contact with you to see what is going on in your life. This is when you will know that reverse psychology has been successful and you’ll be well on your way to getting your ex back!