Use Reverse Psychology To Get Your Ex Back – The Most Effective Approach to Win Ex Lover Back!

Reading the title to this article probably has you shaking your head thinking how ridiculous even the title sounds. Pop psychology has given some truly valuable techniques a bad rap by being inappropriately taught or used. But before you reject this advice out of hand, read on to hear my explanation as to why reverse psychology is the most effective way to get your ex back.

Here is a scenario the belies the basics of reverse psychology. Your ex knows you better than anyone else, and also knows that you are an emotional person prone to outbursts. Chances are, during the argument that led to the breakup, you further solidified their ideas on how you will react to a give situation. He or she has come to accept that with you, emotional outbursts are just part of the territory – history to this point has given him or her no reason to think otherwise. But here is the kicker, you aren’t going to react this way any longer.

Reverse psychology is a highly powerful, and highly effective strategy. As your ex has certain expectations as to your behavior, they are expecting emotional calls where you beg and plead for another chance. But they aren’t going to get those calls. They are going to get silence. You are going to act in the exact opposite way that he or she expects you to react and this is going to send them reeling.

Sever all contact and move on with your life as though the breakup is part of the past and you care not to dwell on it. You know that you don’t really feel this way on the inside, but to get the most out of using reverse psychology techniques, you need to display yourself in manner where you appear happy and content with your life post-breakup.

Look fabulous and hit the town with your friends. Let them know that you want to look your best since you are single again, and you want to be hot enough to be approachable. Your ex isn’t interested in you anymore, so why should you wait around for no reason?

Of course, this news is going to make its way back to your ex and they are going to be left dumbfounded. You are acting completely differently that he or she expected you too and now it looks as though you are moving on. They are going to try everything they can to get in touch with you to get a second chance before it’s too late.

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