Using Reverse Psychology to Get a Woman Interested In You

For those who do not know reverse psychology actually refers to getting another person which in this case is the girl you want to do or even say something by telling or doing something opposite of what you need to be done. This is a somewhat questionable form of manipulation and does have a varying degree of success depending on how good you become at it. The key here is to think things through properly once you know the technique so that you can apply it effectively.

Turning you’re The Charm with an Argument

Most women will let their guard down when they are angry or in some emotional state where they are trying to prove their point. When you use reverse psychology to get a woman emotionally worked up you can in fact manipulate the outcome just as long as you stay cool. If you argue back and forth it’s going to be a power struggle, the woman will want to win which will actually turn out to be bad for your relationship. What you want to do is to present the an opposite point of view to what the girl you are interested in is putting forth, then when she does get worked up you say that you realize that she is so correct. This can in fact trigger a sudden break in her emotional fever which will arouse interest in her about you.

Telling Her Not To Do What You Want Her to Do

Many times a woman or girl will not do what you want her to, for instance if you want to have good old high calorie pizza she may say that she does not because of the diet she is on. Now if you get into an argument with her it is only going to spoil your moods which can often result in a frustrating end to your day. The best way to tackle this situation is to tell her that you’d really hate to have a hot pizza, and describe it in the best way you can, something which makes her mouth water. You can also tell her that it wasn’t for her diet you would probably order a pizza for the both of you. This should trigger her to allow you to order a pizza for the both of you. But you need to watch out because this type of reverse psychological statements will not always work.

Exercise – Using Reverse Psychology to Pick up A Girl

The scenario for this exercise is that you walk into a bar or club and spot a girl you like; now you can see that she isn’t looking at you and chances are that she is interested in someone else. This is a great starting point on your quest for the secret of how to attract a woman. There is one of two things you can do i.e. start an argument with her for instance if she is wearing a fur coat you can walk over and call her a murderer for wearing animal skin. You can also buy her a drink and tell her that you do not like women who are alcoholics. Try to come up with your own unique reverse psychological tricks to pick women up.

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