Waxing – Book Review

The excerpt in the opening page of Waxing, before all the credits and the title page, was fantastic! That little enticing excerpt compelled me to read on with energy. This compact, 204 page fiction could be classified as a paranormal romance fantasy.

Author Megan Powell uses wit and pace to create a fun and suspenseful story. An alpha werewolf male is cursed and assailed from unexpected directions. In desperation, he turns to a solitary witch in hopes of righting wrongs and keeping peace within his pack. This is a story about obligations, finding love and balancing an underground life while intermingling with a society that must never know their kind exists.

Contrary to many stories involving werewolves and witches, Waxing has a believable scenario, is action-packed with an interesting and complex romance between the main characters, Derek and Liz. The author displays a rare talent in bringing the reader into the story at a deeper level by showing the thought processes of her main characters.

Having written her own books, participated in several short-story anthology books and currently editing two e-zines while doing book reviews for another e-zine, one could easily say that Megan Powell is an accomplished and busy writer. Her work tends to involve notes of magic, mystery and the intrigue of the unknown.

I enjoyed reading Waxing by Megan Powell. Actually the story reminded me of another enjoyable book entitled Shifter by J & G Reeves-Stevens – book one of the Chronicles of Galen Sword. Waxing, however, would be appropriate for young adult and adult readers alike.

ISBN#: 1-55410-263-4 (also available in e-book format)

Author: Megan Powel

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

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