We Need Solid Mathematical Writers to Promote Math for Our Nation’s Future

Everyone in industry, research, and scientific research seems to realize that we have a severe shortage of quality math students coming up through college. And the kids themselves in K-12, specifically in High School tend to realize that math is not their strong suit, but why I ask? It appears to me that the kids are not applying themselves correctly to learn mathematics, and there are not enough solid math teachers teaching math the most efficient way.

Over the years, I’ve written a bit on this topic, and I’ve also loved the Khan Institute’s YouTube videos. One thing I believe is also needed is more educators to write articles about this topic. Not long ago I was discussing this with a math teacher, and she also agrees we need better information to get into the hands of both educators and students alike. What better place to post information than online, because the Internet is now the human depository of knowledge, insight, and wisdom, at least it is supposed to me.

The funny thing about math to me is that, it’s one of those things that is hard to write about without giving examples, and there isn’t a way to do that on most news article, or educational websites – that is to say the ability to show the process, equations, and then explain each step. It’s not easy to write about mathematical topics, but it is very necessary. As an online writer myself, I’d like to encourage other top quality math teachers to join me in promoting the importance of math online.

You see, you I can write more about the uses of mathematics in economics, aeronautics, construction, business statistics, accounting, biology, fractals, computer science, game theory, cosmology, chemistry, stock market, agriculture, banking, personal finance, energy, ecology, forestry, and you know well, just about everything. Indeed, I think that is the message I’d like to get out there, that mathematics is important in everything.

Look, here is the deal; if we don’t get more kids interested in math, science, and engineering, I just do not see any hope for change, or Winning the Future in innovation. If we falter here and now, who on Earth is going to be able to run or improve upon our great modern society and civilization? The answer to this challenge is better education in math, and so we ought to all team up together and make this happen. I just hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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