What is a Hollow Earth Concept?

A Hollow Earth Concept is an assumption that our earth is hollow and that clever beings, most in all probability with pretty highly developed technologies, stay in it. An astronomer, Edmund Halley (1692), set forth the strategy of Earth consisting of a hollow shell. Other scientists expanded this plan suggesting that the interior of Earth has its central sunlight. Writers of esoteric publications supplemented the strategy with wonderful assumptions that ancient masters like Buddha or Jesus arrived originally from these subterranean realms of our world (they, like Christians, feel, too, that Mary conceived Jesus as virgin but from this subterranean source).

Followers of the Hollow Earth Idea have also their “proofs” and reason of this post is to present some of them.


The tale of Hyperborea is a legend. Some individuals believe that incredibly extensive time in the past, just after the destruction of Atlantis, the privileged part of the Atlantean modern society hid itself into the underground the place it has stayed till now and UFO in fact arrives from in this article.

This concept assumes that Hyperborea however exists in the underground. Nazis, far too, thought in the existence of Hyperborea as an advanced subterranean civilization and needed to call it.

A well known Greek (lyric) poet, Pindarus, glorifies Hyperborea in his poem: Neither disorder nor bitter outdated age is mixed in their sacred blood far from labor and battle they live.

As we can see, Hyperborea is element of Greek mythology. Pliny, Herodotus, as perfectly as Virgil and Cicero explained it. They wrote that Hyperboreans lived to the age of a person thousand many years and appreciated lives in complete pleasure in a spot the place the sunshine was shining twenty-4 hrs. These legendary individuals lived someplace in the north. When translated, Hyperborea is the land Behind (Hyper) the North Wind (Boreas).

Utsuro Bune

In about the yr 1800, an extremely weird phenomenon occurred in Japan. It is not recognized extremely significantly in the Western world. A document was discovered in a library in Iwase Bunko (Japan) about an Unknown Submerged Item (USO) as it washed up on the shore. Area people observed a female coming out of the capsule. She was flawlessly embellished and experienced purple eyebrows. She spoke a distinctive language, so the locals could not determine out where by she had appear from. This event happened at Harashagahama in Hitachi-no-kuni.

Underground waters

Huge underground drinking water means do not verify the existence of Hollow Earth, but localizing them gives evidence that substantial cavities inside of our planet do really exist. A scientific web page Livescience.com has an post about an underground ocean found deep less than the Asian floor. An additional exciting matter is the lake Vostok, which was found by Russian researchers under the area of Antarctica some 4000 meters below the area.

The Federal Cave Defense Act (US)

In advocating their assumptions, followers of the Hollow Earth Concept also issue to the actuality that the United States federal regulation mandates federal permits every time any one decides to explore a cave.

The Act, for case in point, says:
Information relating to the unique site of any substantial cave might not be made readily available to the public under part 552 of title 5, United States Code, except the Secretary determines that disclosure of these kinds of facts would further the functions of this Act and would not create a considerable threat of damage, theft, or destruction of these types of cave.

The phrase “Secretary” implies the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of the Inside, as acceptable.

Voices from the underground

I do not know how credible is the source the Finnish newspaper Ammenusastia utilised for its write-up that tells that Soviet scientists, when drilling into the earth, had been astonished, as they heard millions of voices with screams deep in the earth. A Soviet scientist, health care provider Azzacove, stated that, “We drilled by means of the gates of Hell! As a communist, I will not believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now feel in hell.”
You can search youtube.com for keywords and phrases these as Azzacove, voices from hell, and listen.


In Slovakia, we have an virtually fantastic tale about a moonshaft mentioned by Antonin Horak. His short article initially appeared in a speleological newsletter later on in United states of america in which he emigrated. Mr. Horak joined nearby (Czechoslovakia) anti-Nazi motion during Entire world War II and when Germans wounded him, he desired some time for therapy and a place for hiding. A man took him into a cave around Zdiar. Mr. Horak explored the cave, but likely further into it he found an artificially manufactured shaft of a crescent-moon condition. It was absolutely black. The next link has a lot more details http://www.moonshaft.internet/caves.html

Mr. Horak writes, “Is there real truth in legends, like Plato’s, about very long-missing civilizations with magic systems which our rationale can’t grasp nor think?” Or, “I am a sober, academically trained man or woman but need to admit that right here, involving these blacks, satiny, mathematically-curved cliffs I do sense as if in the grip of an exceedingly peculiar and grim electric power.”

Jacques Bergier, a well-known French secret author, included some details about the Horak’s story in his books, also, and described it as a single of the most intriguing miracles ready nevertheless for its discovery in Europe.

Whether you feel the Hollow Earth Theory or not, the earlier mentioned references aid manage this rather a outrageous strategy and perhaps a lot of others, also. If you believe it is all nonsense, meditate a minor on the pursuing wise considered an individual the moment said: “Just about anything need to be feasible in infinity. You have to have to be at the correct spot at the proper time, or shut ample.”

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