Earning Your Distance Learning Doctorate

As the power and reach of the internet increases the ability to advance one’s education has become increasingly more popular and convenient for just about everyone. Not only can you earn an associates or bachelors degree but higher degrees such as a master’s or doctoral degree can also be gained. For those who already have a masters a degree a distance learning doctorate can be a great solution for those who wish to continue their education.

The problem for many people as they advance their education and attain higher degrees is simply a matter of finding the time to go back to school. With the today’s stringent demands in the workplace and at home it is hard for many people to find the time in their busy schedule to take that next step on the educational ladder. The flexibility of online doctoral programs solves this problem by allowing anyone with the desire to earn their degree.

You will of course need to have access to a computer and the internet to accomplish this type of degree. Knowing how to take full advantage of the internet and your computers operating system and applications is also a good idea because you will be using these two resources heavily during any type of distance learning scenario. This is generally not a problem for most people since computers are such an integral part of modern society.

There are different types of doctoral distance learning methods for prospective candidates to choose from. By researching the different schools, their philosophical differences, and curriculums you can choose the approach that best suits your learning style and educational goals. Not to mention one that works within your own specific time frame.

One of the more progressive ways to earn a doctorate via the internet is a customized program that is aimed at your specific goals. These programs are notably different because they eschew the use of books as the professor will create a custom curriculum for your area of interest. This type of program work especially well in the business world as it allows the student to apply what they have learned in their daily working life.

The more traditional online doctorate programs utilize study and research along with testing and thesis submissions. This type of program has a more structured course schedule with most of class work done over the internet. Detailed assignments, book study, and internet research are the hallmarks of this type of doctoral program. In some cases tests will need to be taken at an accredited testing center located near where you live.

In some cases you will also find schools that offer a combination of online courses with final testing and dissertation defense taking place at the actual college or university of choice. This allows doctorate students the best of both worlds, the ability to complete the bulk of class work and study online while completing their degree in a more traditional setting.

The hectic schedule of modern life has precluded many people from being able to commit to the time and effort needed to earn a doctoral degree. Recognizing this problem has allowed many colleges and universities to take advantage of the power of the internet to offer distance learning doctorate degrees that give prospective candidates the ability to do the vast majority of their class work from home.

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