Economical Printing For Home Schooling Uses a Lexmark Printer Toner

If you produce a large number of prints every day, then you will find that a laser printer is a faster and more economical way of printing than an ink jet printer. The initial cost of the printer and of the toner cartridges is often more, but in the end, the prints are less expensive. Remember, you will need to purchase the toner that matches your printer, and most manufacturers recommend purchasing the same brand toner as your printer. Thus, you will need to buy Lexmark printer toner for your Lexmark printer.

Homeschooling parents often need to make a large number of prints every day. With an ink jet printer it is easy to work your way through a print cartridge in as little as two weeks with all the worksheets, research and reading material that must be printed. At the price for these cartridges, this is not an effective way to produce the quantity of prints that are needed.

In addition to cost, you will find that a laser printer is a quicker way to make the prints that are needed. Even an inexpensive laser printer is faster that a very expensive laser printer.

If cost is a concern, many of the black and white laser printers have dropped in cost so that the initial investment is about the same as a color ink jet printer. You might consider purchase of one of these printers while keeping the jet printer for color prints.

One quality of the laser printer that you will appreciate is that the heat fused toner does not run when wet like ink from an ink jet printer does. This means that you can use the coloring pages that you printed for water coloring. If cooking is a part of your curriculum, then your students can use recipes that have been printed without worry of the print running from little spills. You can even use these prints as iron on transfers for t-shirts that the students color in using permanent or laundry markers for a craft project. Printer toner may be expensive, but can print a lot.

When using toner cartridges, you can also teach environmental responsibility. Most toner manufacturers offer recycling programs. Lexmark toner cartridges may be recycled. Address labels can be printed from the Lexmark website and the cartridges shipped back to the manufacturer for recycling.

If at a later date your child begins to attend public or private school or enrolls in online courses they will appreciate the quality quick prints that are available using the printer. Once again, their water proof character makes them an excellent choice for smudge free papers that can take the moisture of a sudden downpour when waiting for bus or walking to school.

Once you child reaches college level, he or she will appreciate the quick prints that are available for research. Whether printing a course syllabus or a research paper, the printer will not have the student waiting for long periods of time while prints are made.

Be sure to keep a spare Lexmark printer toner on hand so that you are never unable to make prints.

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