Getting Him to Love You – Male Psychology 101

Do you find getting him to love you difficult? Do you ever wonder what you’re doing wrong? Have you given up finding that perfect man? Well, don’t give up just yet. There are still a few things you might not know about love, men and relationships.

Some men have a hard time recognizing the difference between true love and animal lust. They see a pretty face, a sexy body and think they’re in love when, in truth, their sex drive has simply taken over. Once that sexual impulse has been satisfied, they move on. So how can you jump that sexual hurdle and get to the real heart of the matter?

Well, if love automatically followed lust, it would be a simple matter of slipping on that sexy dress, pouting your sultry lips and bagging both heart and libido in one svelte swing of your hips. But, alas, the heart is a tad more complicated than that.

So start by discovering his soft spots. Once you’ve sparked that initial attraction, be receptive as he opens up and gives you a glimpse of the man he is. Be supportive, interested and curious about what makes him get up in the morning, what makes him happy, and what grates his nerves. Be careful of excessive critical judgments or negative comments. While you may have a strong opinion about a particular portion of his life, don’t attack or condemn it. Though you may only be trying to show your intellect or strength, more likely than not, you’ll only succeed in closing him off. If he senses you’ll criticize him every time he admits a fault or weakness, he’ll walk away from the date feeling diminished and frustrated.

Slow down, slow down and slow down. Just because you may have set a particular timeline for meeting, dating and marrying the man of your dreams doesn’t mean he’s working within that same mindset. Give him time, give him space and give him the chance to realize on his own how great his life is when you’re around. Of course this can be difficult when you really want to be with him all the time and your every thought revolves around him, but the more you forcefully pull him to you, the more you’ll end up pushing him away. The whole “where is this relationship going?” is a difficult question to bring up. Not only is it putting pressure on him, but you may not be happy should he give you an honest answer.

So back off just a bit and let the love take care of itself. If you play it right, getting him to love you will be easy and he’ll be the one pushing for a more serious relationship.