Homeschooling Option – Catholic Homeschooling

As many parents become more increasingly concerned with the kind of education that their children are getting, the more popular the other alternative options to education become. One of these options is homeschooling. Homeschooling allows the parents to have opportunities to guide their child every step of the way in their education. With the help of homeschooling professionals, they only need to find and design the best curriculum for their child. Just like any other curriculum, it is important that values be incorporated in it to make it easy for the child to find purpose in the things that he or she learns. It is here that Catholic homeschooling becomes a good option.

Homeschooling based on Catholic values is no different from other homeschooling curricula in the academic side. Catholic home school curriculum also contains science, math and language training courses that other curricula offer. What’s different is the system of values that it seeks to incorporate with the child’s learning. Catholic values are taught alongside the academic training that the child receives. These values help the child recognize the moral value of the things that he is taught. There are a lot of things that children can learn about respect, love, kindness in the Catholic tradition. These values coupled with the parents’ love and support will surely build a strong foundation for your child.

Just with any homeschooling curriculum, a catholic home school curriculum also features assessment mechanisms to effectively gauge the academic level of your child. Catholic home school curricula offer lessons that are at par with the level of national academic standards so you won’t worry about your child lagging behind children of his age and proficiency. Catholic homeschooling also has the same benefits of the 1:1 teacher-pupil ratio. You don’t have to worry about your child taking in lessons that are too difficult or too easy for him. You can create a curriculum that can easily fit his proficiency and academic level. The 1:1 ratio also ensures that the child is really learning and really taking into heart the lessons and values taught to him or her.

If you decide to adapt a catholic home school curriculum for your child, there are lots of resource materials available in your bookshops and even online. There are many support groups that offer support and assistance regarding your child’s curriculum. Support may come in many forms such as e-mails, SMS, video conferences and the like. These mechanisms are sure to give the parents all the help that they can get for their children.

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