Use Reverse Psychology To Get Your Ex Back – It’s So Easy That It’s Almost Ridiculous!

When you have tried to reason with your ex over and over again after the break up and get no response, then consider trying reverse psychology – you won’t regret it. This method of getting your ex back is so great. No one gets hurt, you don’t have to make any contact with your ex, and the results are really amazing!

Also, as the title of this article implies, using this method of reverse psychology to get your ex back is really so simple that it is quite stupid, and you can actually have a little fun while doing it as well. All it takes is for you to do exactly the opposite of what your ex is expecting you to do – that is all.

If your ex is waiting for you to behave like a screaming banshee because of the break up, then do all you can to remain calm, patient, and mature. If you see your ex, smile, calmly say hello, and ask your ex how he/she is doing. This totally unexpected reaction from you will have your ex reeling, I promise you!

Your ex might also be expecting you to be absolutely shattered by the break up and stay at home in a darkened room to lick your wounds – you guessed it – just do the opposite! Dress as if you really mean business and get out there and party with your friends as if there was no tomorrow. Tell your friends how great it is to be free again! Your ex is going to be the one sitting in a darkened room trying to figure out what the heck is going on!

This is when there I a very good chance that your ex will try contacting you. If and when you do get a call or a text message, ignore it. What your ex is expecting you to do is to answer your phone immediately or reply to the text message even before it’s over, so let your ex think that you’re too busy to respond to his/her attempts to contact you.

What is bound to happen next is what you’ve been waiting for – your ex really can’t handle it that he/she can’t get hold of you, so has decided to come to your house to speak to you face-to-face. Reverse psychology works – just try it for yourself.